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Pinned  Tarkin in Action

May 20 2014 02:27 PM | Kinshi in Tarkin News
Shots of new Tarkin in action.

FYI about the groups you see here.....the content difficulty has not been reduced at all, and all players are using drastically reduced Doctor buffs (600-100 on average) as we capped off buff amounts.

As such we have groups rolling AM, DWB, Krayts, etc with half the buff power of live or Basilisk...AND..with no Jedi tanking at all.

Armor is also not as overpowered as on live or on Basilisk.

That being said, a major element of Tarkin is the added PvE challenged, this is not a EZ-mode al Jedi party server. You WILL face pitched battles, AFK grinding doesn't happen, and we have tweaked the A.I. to expand on the range and type of weapons used, along with varying the damage types you face.

We have also been revamping Dungeons and POIs to up the challenge levels.

Encumbrance, resists, HAM costs, it ALL matters once again, no simply buffing your way to power here. You truly NEED extras like food and drink buffs, and even spice.
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Welcome to the New Website!

May 03 2014 08:01 PM | Guest in Tarkin News

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Greetings Galaxy,

Welcome to the new SWG Canon Tarkin Website! We've had this website in the making for quite some time and are pleased to finally unveil it. We appreciate everyone's patience as we transitioned to this website and the brief web services downtime. Here is some important information about the changes:
  • You do not need to create a new account. All old accounts were transferred, and your old website credentials are still valid.
  • Our domain has changed from swgcanon.com to tarkin.org. Our old domain now forwards to this domain.
  • Please take the time to review our Terms of Service, Piracy Policy, and all Forum/Account Guidelines as they have been updated.
We believe that our new website offers a large variety of improvements to our old website. Our new website runs on different forum software (IP.Board), as opposed to our old website (SMF), which allows us a larger variety of site services options and many more features. Some of those new features include: Blogs, Picture Galleries, A Calendar, and More!

We are also excited to drawl everyone's attention to our new "Home" page. This uses a CMS (Content Management System), which will allow you to quickly review all of the latest news and updates from your team here at Tarkin.

Our goal in this website transition is to bring a more modern, and a more advanced feel to our community. The new website will offer a large variety of features including a new post editing utility (WYSIWYG), as well as some of the features outlined above.

As apart of our community improvement goal, with the launch of this website, we've also added a new Support Sub-Forum for Website Issues or Feedback. Please feel free to post any issues you encounter, or offer your opinion on how we can improve the website even more.

We're very pleased to share this new website with you, and hope you love it just as much as well do!

May The Force Be With You,
The Tarkin Staff

All Website Content is strictly Copyright ┬ęTarkin - 2009 - 2014. To use any of the materials found on Tarkin, you must receive direct permission from the owner(s). Some content in this website is themed around, or will contain discussion on "Star Wars", and "Star Wars Galaxies", we do not claim ownership of the styling/themes displayed, nor do we provide any liability to the accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness or suitability of the information and materials found or offered on this website for any particular purpose. This websites "Design" ("Theme, Using Background Images, Logos, Textures, and Graphics), are sole property of their respective owners. Tarkin Does not claim ownership to the content used as design materials for this website, nor do we offer any liability to the accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness or suitability of the images used on this websites design. Upon request from respective owners, any images found to be used inappropriate, will be removed.
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